Saturday, November 20, 2010

weaving some wonder

(title courtesy of the Triscuit box on the kitchen table here in the magic mansion)

Since arriving on writing retreat Tuesday, I have edited the second novel, The Meaning of Isolated Objects, done a fair amount of book research for my new novel now officially in progress, and given the new book some space and time to germinate.

I've had the basic idea for this book for at least two years, but hadn't allowed myself to think much about it because I really wanted to get the other books sorted out first. Once I start a new novel, it's hard to pull away from it, and I didn't want to be pulled in any more directions than I already am.

So... now that novels 1-3 are situated, middle grade novel is on the metaphorical conveyor belt, and nonfiction book is nearing completion, it was time to reward myself.

I did a lot of editing of Isolated Objects on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. At some point during that span of time, I wrote the first paragraph to this new novel. I gave the main character a name. I finished the editing work yesterday. And today, sitting at the desk in my room, the entire new novel formed inside my head. It's hard to describe this - it was almost like layers of the story began to assemble themselves, and within the space of about ten minutes, the entire thing was "there."

It's very much like I have been saving the seed, planted it on Tuesday when I arrived, watered it a little each day, and suddenly today it sprouted.

I will never ever get tired of the magic of a new book unfolding. It's such a great feeling.

Today, driving a back road where major scenes in my first novel take place, a motorcycle appeared behind me, disappeared, reappeared, passed me at what seemed like warp speed, and disappeared again. And when I say disappeared, I don't mean around a curve - just... vanished. The main male character in my first novel rides a motorcycle. I think he was saying hello.

It's been a wonderful week with two amazing writer friends. Lots of good stuff going on, and of course, best of all, is that I get to go home to the beloved November Hill family.


Matthew said...

Wow. The motorcycle incident is amazing.

Sounds like a great week at Weymouth. Looking forward to seeing you back soon!

billie said...

Happy to be home!

Máire said...

Billie, I always enjoy reading of your writers' retreats. And I am impressed at how you honour faithfully the writer in yourself.

billie said...

Thanks, Maire. I am grateful for a husband who will take the reins (pun intended) while I'm away.