Saturday, September 05, 2009

long weekend, lots to do

Today husband and I drove over to the dressage show to sell two pairs of outgrown but still in good shape riding boots, and we got to sit and watch a few rides afterward. The ones we saw were lower level tests, and either the horses were strung out, the riders were unbalanced, or both. It was not inspiring.

However, I did get to meet the horse I'm thinking of as my "dream horse in training" and had a nice conversation with Cindy Sydnor, who rode him in third level 1 early this morning. It's always a treat to talk with Cindy, and the dream horse is BIG and yes, a bay. He does not look like Keil Bay in person, but he has a similar curious and self-assured demeanor that made me smile. He licked my hands, he took my purse, he took husband's camera bag, he picked up a camp chair and waved it around. None of this was done wildly. It was fun meeting him, as I've kept my eye on him for two years now. Keil Bay's former owner/rider bred this horse, and for whatever reason it's in my head that he's like a younger brother to Keil, although he's not related at all, other than being the same breed.

I have three big outdoor chores and three big indoor chores on my list of things to do. Daughter has a pony club activity early tomorrow morning. In spite of this, we played a game of Settlers of Catan and finally, as it approaches 6:30 p.m., I'm going to get to that to do list!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like a good day all round. Hope you get your dream horse soon, he sounds like a character and a perfect addition to your herd.
Good Luck.

billie said...

Arlene, this boy is only nominally for sale, but since Keil Bay and I are still learning/working, my wish would be that the dream horse in training might come into the picture here in another few years. He's only 8, and being brought along quite carefully.

I didn't realize how huge he was until today. Not as big as Grady, but a tank - even more than Keil Bay!

It's fun to have a little dream going - we'll see if it turns out. :)

Buddy said...

Buddy is patiently waiting for Salina pics.

If you did post - tell me where - LOL.


billie said...

Oh dear, Buddy, I am working on it!!

Son still has my camera and I have been lost in the black hole of housekeeping since last night. I have cleaned out another closet! And scrubbed a bathroom within an inch of its grubby life.

Hopefully tomorrow will find me out at the barn with camera in hand.

Matthew said...

Thanks for working so hard with the kids on their rooms. . . A great act of kindness given the amount of work!

billie said...

It's definitely work but rewarding when I heard the dear son go downstairs to tell you how clean the room/closet was. :)