Friday, April 03, 2009

the celebration continues

Yesterday morning, with another threat of rain, I decided to again let the herd get their transition to green grass time earlier in the day instead of later. As you can imagine there was no grumbling about this change of routine.

They entered the front field in the order they finished their breakfast tubs, so the donkeys went in first, then Cody, and then Salina. When I let Keil Bay out he immediately became very possessive of the green, and went after the lovely black mare as though he were really going to be able to make her stop eating.

She kicked up both heels at him, flinging clods of dirt in his face, but even that didn't stop him. He flagged her again with his ears back, and Salina, 26 years old in March, stepped up into a lovely canter, kicked up her heels at him one more time, and proceeded to canter a big circle in the upper field, and in the process JUMPING a feed tub I had taken out there for the horses to lick clean!

Even with her arthritic knees, I have seen Salina do an extended trot that would probably get a score of 10 in a dressage test, pivot on a dime in both directions, do beautiful flying changes, and gallop as fast as the younger men in our herd, but until yesterday I have never seen her jump.

I went back into the barn to put on the pony's grazing muzzle, marveling that nothing could top the jumping mare, but when the pony came trotting out of the barn doing his own 10 trot, wearing his muzzle with what almost seemed like pride, I knew we were having a second day of pure celebration here.

It's pure pleasure seeing horses and donkeys so happy and exuberant. A spring tonic for sure.


Grey Horse Matters said...

They all seem to be having a great celebration. Just goes to show you everyone was really tired of winter and couldn't wait until spring set in. Salina jumping - wow, now that proves she's feeling great.

It always amazes me the wonderful trots and canters they do effortlessly with no one in the saddle. I couldn't believe the trot on Dusty the other day when they were loose. Usually, in the ring she does this little mincing jog that I hate, now that I know she can extend she's going to be a very surprised little horse, very soon.

Victoria Cummings said...

It makes me so happy to read that the pony has adjusted well to the grazing muzzle. Thanks to you, I ordered the same kind. It arrived yesterday. Today, we've got rain and thunderstorms, so Siete won't be using it. I'll let you know how she does. I really appreciate the advice.

billie said...

Arlene, I often tell the Big Bay we need to be riding at third level, if not fourth, based on his 'performances' in the field. :)

billie said...

Victoria, I hope it works well for her. Check for rubs to make sure it fits well, and then be prepared to steel your heart. If you're lucky, she'll just accept it w/o fuss, but the pony really had us feeling terrible the first three days. We gave him breaks from wearing it (in the dirt paddock with a little hay) because initially he would only stand in the field, looking mortified. This is so uncharacteristic of him, it was alarming! But we had to give him time to figure it out.