Thursday, December 27, 2007

when it rains

We've suddenly got rainfall, days of it, at year's end, as though the earth and sky are playing catch up. I'd forgotten how mucky the paddocks get when we have days of rain and four horses weighing in at 650 lbs. up to 1200 lbs. marching through many times a day.

Yesterday they had blankets on but today they'll come off and our break from grooming mud-slicked hides will be over. They seem to take perverse pleasure in rolling just after being groomed.

Today we'll get enough of a rain break for a couple of riding lessons.

Inside, it's raining pages of novels. I have three word docs open right now and have added to them all this week, randomly, as the words came out.

Cranky cats are ambushing one another, bored but not wanting to go out in the wet. One black cat sits snoring by my left ear while another sits at the sliding glass door gazing, pensive. The corgis love the rain and often stay out in it, but this morning Kyra has spent her time herding people out of bed and cats around the living room. Intervening in the cranky cat play when it gets too ferocious.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful imagery. Thanks.

billie said...

And now it's raining again!