Sunday, October 28, 2007

writing in November

There's an annual writing challenge called NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month - where you write 50k words of a novel during the month of November. I'm not generally one to go for this kind of thing, but someone on Backspace wondered if we could do a smaller-scale version of this on there, and reading everyone's comments got me excited.


I've decided to keep doing my second novel edit much as I have been, allowing my writing group to keep me focused as I read sections and get their feedback.

And starting Thursday I will simultaneously take the November mad dash approach - with a goal of writing 1500-2000 words per day on a totally new project. A nonfiction book on women and horses that I've been simmering for several years now.

If anyone wants to join in, feel free to use the comment section to describe your work, your goal, and your progress as the month rolls on. As you can see, it doesn't have to be a novel. It could be a journal or a book of poetry or a recipe book.

I aim to hit 2008 with lots of rough draft material to edit, query, and sell.


Anonymous said...

Funny you are blogging this topic. I am in the middle of trying to clear the decks over here right now so I can do Nano. I haven't decided to do it for certain just yet, but I am getting some things out of the way so I can keep my options open. If I do Nano, I don't expect to complete it, but it is a great starting place for a new project, which I think I need. I'll let you know what I end up doing.

I LOVE your idea about the non-fiction project. That is sure to turn out great!! You are the perfect person for this job and it seems a very unique topic. I'd buy it, and I don't even ride!


billie said...

L, that is so exciting - I know the need to clear the decks and truly be ready to commit to such a thing, but I can't help hoping you do it. It would be fun to have a buddy on the path. :)

Thanks for the thumbs up on the nonfiction book. I have tended to ramble on in emails and for the past year on this blog about my journey with horses - and have run this idea past my first agent, who wants to see it if I do it. I think I have something to say, from a new perspective, and I'm certainly fascinated with the material.

I'm not sure why writing nonfiction has been on the back burner for me - I seem to be drawn to the novel form so much more, but otoh, this work with horses has been such a huge part of my life for the past three years, I can't seem to escape it.

If you decide to do NaNo, please feel free to come here daily and share - I'd love that. I know my rough spots will be the days I get behind and get too caught up on the "end goal." You're right - the main thing is to get going and take the Leap.