Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Busy week... feels like I'm rushing to keep up but for what/whose race? Right Now I'm going to put on Liz Story, light a candle, and write for an hour. Tomorrow I'm going to get in a good hour of riding.

And then, the Hokey Pokey. :)

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billie said...

What it's all about is such an elusive question sometimes. I know last week touched on that for you too - let me know if I can listen/talk/witness as the process continues. I have the image of a ripple on a pond - far-reaching but not devastating. Beautiful in its own way.

LOL about the hokey pokey phrase sitting innocently in that fancy shop just waiting for two likely candidates of appreciation. :)

I don't even remember how I came to find Liz Story's music. There's something about the piano, particularly when played the way she plays it, that settles me into my own skin.

Welcome, kindred spirit... come visit anytime. :)