Horse/Farm-Related Companies I Love

ARBICO ORGANICS is my new source for fly predators, flea nematodes for the yard, and food grade diatomaceous earth. Service has been terrific, the products top notch, and I love the one-stop shopping for my spring and summer pest control needs. I especially appreciate that Arbico does not sponsor equestrian competitors - I cannot support companies that sponsor riders/trainers who use abusive techniques, like Spalding Labs which sponsors Craig Schmersal and several other people who use inhumane training methods. Thank you, Arbico!

 MY BEST HORSE - equine supplements:

A small online business owned and operated by a super-knowledgeable equine nutrition guru as well as a horse owner and lover, My Best Horse has all the extras I use to supplement my senior equines, my PSSM QH, and my herd at large. Ingredients are from trusted, safe sources, service is excellent, prices are the best I have found, and shipping is fast (and free over $50.).

If you need to make your supplement shopping as one-stop as possible, this is the place to start.

TWO HORSE TACK -  custom halters and lead lines, bitted and bitless bridles, dog collars, etc.:

I was recently given the opportunity to try the product of my choice from Two Horse Tack and I happily put together a customized bitless bridle for Keil Bay. It arrived and I was over the moon with the quality and fit. I immediately told several people at the barn where my daughter rides and they ordered custom bridles and were equally thrilled with the products, the quality, and the customer service. I love the options for biothane or leather, custom colors, choices of kinds and metals used for buckles, etc. Check them out for your very next haltering or bridling needs. Thank you, Two Horse Tack!

Whinny Warmers!

Raymond and Paula Petterson not only have terrific products (whinny warmers keep Salina's knees warm in the winter and summer whinnies keep the flies off in the summer!) they are incredible when it comes to customer service. They add the personal touch that makes it easy to keep going back, even though their products are so well-made they last and last. As if that isn't enough, they are true advocates for equines and donate their products to horses and donkeys in need.  I can't recommend them highly enough.

Salina models her summer whinnies in white, and the whinny warmers in blue! 

BARN LIGHT ELECTRIC is my new source for home, farm, and barn light fixtures. Super high quality, amazing customer service, easy online ordering for custom products!


Spalding Fly Predators

Cashel (fly masks, etc.)


Ecco Shoes