Friday, November 12, 2021

Mountain house, 2

 So much is in progress. This week we’re working on getting internet, lining up the dog fencing, the secure fencing for an area where ATVs and vehicles have been accessing the grassy bald, installing a guardrail at the bottom of our very steep driveway, and possibly creating a new more level driveway from another entry to the larger property. Hard to explain here, but it won’t be as difficult as it sounds. 

I’ve started a conversation with a wonderful young architect who will be helping us design a small off-grid studio structure that will sit inside the tree line up on the grassy bald. We’re looking at green building, a small footprint, and the creation of a place to work, relax, and enjoy that gorgeous view in all weather conditions.

We’re also in the process of signing a contract for right of first refusal with our immediate neighbors, whose lovely home is intimately tucked into this larger parcel. They expect to be there another couple of years, but this allows us to add that as a home for our young adult children and grandson in the fairly near future.

Every room is a work in progress at this point, but this is my view from the sofa in the den. Still much to be done, but I loved this view from the moment we walked into the house and it remains a favorite view for me.

The grassy strip out the door stretches between the two houses - ours and the immediate neighbors - and our plan is that we will build a barn set into the level wood line about halfway between, and fence in the pasture for the equines. This too is a future plan, since my feeling is that Keil Bay will live out his life here on November Hill with his herd, and eventually the younger ones will move up there. 

Which reminds me, we are still pondering the name of this new place, so for now it’s just “the mountain house.”

We’re very fortunate the neighbors close by are there full time and eager to be useful. And that we got the name of a local guy who “can do anything and everything” and is also very nice and able to assist us with these projects we’re undertaking to make this into a home. 

We learned this week that the declining species Audubon is monitoring, the golden winged warbler, is nesting up on our grassy bald. We are so excited! Keeping the bald healthy and protected will help these birds recover in number. Our neighbors are hosting an owl box in cooperation with Audubon, hoping to entice a saw-whet owl to move in. 

Another interesting critter we’re seeing is the chipmunk. We saw one come up onto the deck and it is so fun to see these little creatures.

There’s so much to explore and study on this land. Stay tuned for updates as we do so!


Grey Horse Matters said...

It all sounds wonderful. Beautiful views too! Seems like you're really having things come together. The golden winged warbler will have a good nesting home there and reproduce I hope. How exciting. We have lots of chipmunks running around here. They seem to live in the stone walls. Very cute. J. was having her lunch outside the other day and one was just sitting next to her watching her and then decided to give himself a bath (with his tongue). She just laughed and watched him for a change. If you're very quiet they aren't afraid of you. Have fun making friends with your little critters.

billie said...

Oh, I love that turn-about J did with the chipmunk. :) I hope we get to have that kind of encounter down here.