Sunday, November 07, 2021

Mountain House, 1

 I’ll be documenting our exploration of our mountain home + the adjoining 175 acres we recently closed on, with the intention of preservation. I’m happy to say the garden beds and plantings around the house are native plants! And there’s an old soil road that runs through the entire length of the property which is reportedly a native plant showpiece in the spring and summer. 

I am so excited to begin our journey of learning its treasures. 

The first thing we found this weekend past was an old apple orchard that a neighbor described to me. It seems like the trees are past their fruit-bearing years but it’s possible we can find local heirloom varieties and plant new trees in the orchard. 

The most fascinating thing to me about this place is how much it felt like home the first day we looked at it. Arriving there and having the “we’re home” feeling was something didn’t really expect to happen, but it has, and we’re grateful to have found it. 

My longtime desire to live in the middle of a thousand acres is close to reality with this place. It’s surrounded by forest service land and it is dead quiet up there. And yet, the UPS driver comes every day and so does the mail carrier. The saint of a UPS guy gave me his personal phone number so I can text him about deliveries as needed! 

We also have amazing neighbors. Dreams do sometimes come true! 

A few photos:





Grey Horse Matters said...

It’s just a beautiful place. Congratulations again on the perfect find to what you were looking for.

billie said...

Thanks. I’m not sure it has totally registered with me, the process has been such a long one that has persisted off and on over many years. :)