Sunday, August 29, 2021

Quick trip to a new view

 This weekend my husband and I took a quick trip to what will be a new and beloved view. On the way we stopped for a night in one of my favorite places:

Got a favorite cocktail, the cherried sour:

Gazed at a new and beloved vista:

And drove a quick few minutes to a much more expansive view:

Then home to a certain golden retriever who stole two Prascend tablets and ate them. Thanks to my daughter and son, and animal poison control, vomiting was induced, monitoring was done, and today we’re back to normal on November Hill. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful view. So peaceful. Love the steps! Glad to hear everything is back to normal after the placenta ingestion. They really get into so many things they shouldn’t. Had a black Labrador once who ate a huge hunting sock, he needed surgery.

billie said...

Clem is a total thief! It’s funny how certain things are in her mind totally off limits but other things she views as fair game. Who knows how she categorizes these things!