Monday, June 07, 2021

A Rare Weekend Away

 This weekend was my husband’s and my 27th wedding anniversary. Thanks to our children, we were able to go to the NC mountains and spend it pursuing a long-time dream we’ve had - to purchase land in the NC mountains.

I’ve been scouring the internet for months looking at online listings, and we’ve gotten pretty good at finding land parcels on GIS systems so we can do preliminary research. We found one parcel we loved about a month and a half ago, and tried to use a local real estate agent to look at it and possibly make an offer. It became very clear that the agent (who is amazing at home purchases in our larger area) was really in deep waters with the nuances of mountain land and all the individual quirks one must know about to make a responsible purchase. I switched my scouring from properties to mountain agents, and found one who seemed perfect for us. When I contacted her, she apologized that she has retired, but gave me a name and asked if she could pass my email on to him. I said yes, he contacted us immediately, and wow - it has been like night and day working with someone who grew up in the NC mountains, knows the ins and outs of everything we need to know, and was ready to jump in with us on this journey.

This weekend we explored one property each day - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These were the three we’d narrowed down to after the hours of searching online. 

I can’t say enough good things about the agent, who drove us (in various 4-wheel drive vehicles depending on the road systems of the properties) to the tops of mountains and helped us experience the feel of each one. His knowledge is going to be key as we figure this out.

The three properties were absolutely stunning in person. In three different counties across the entire western end of our state, they were each very different, and each had pros and cons. One we had to rule out because the road going in and up is not adequate and the $$$ involved in improving it, plus the need to get right of way landowners on board, plus the lack of electricity or water, proved too daunting. 

Making things more difficult, the other two properties weigh out nearly equally on our “love the land” scales, and they are so different from one another it’s like picking an apple or an orange - or two fruits you love - it’s almost down to what are you in the mood for in the moment you look at them. 

We have a lot of research to do, and some thinking, and also need to keep our eyes and minds open to other properties that come on the market. 

I can’t think of a better way to spend an anniversary weekend than riding in a Polaris on gorgeous mountain land that’s for sale, while asking questions, soaking in the landscapes, and dreaming of what we would do to create a little haven without harming the land. It was wonderful. 

A little sampling of the very few photos I took, these from the property that won’t work - I was too busy soaking everything in through my whole body to focus much on photos!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great adventure to do on your special weekend. The pictures are beautiful. I’m sure the perfect property will make itself known when the time is right. It doesn’t look like you could make a bad decision on any property in the mountains it’s all so beautiful. Good luck in your search.

billie said...

It’s true - we really love the two that I haven’t shared (yet) here, and planning a second visit to both of them.

I have to say - today we have painters here, the electrician, and tomorrow is the HVAC attic installation and whoa, I’m overwhelmed. But for peace of mind I have 5 cats in 5 carriers safely tucked away, and the dogs were in crates for a couple of hours this morning and now out in the back yard for the final inside project. Actually, I have 4 cats in 4 carriers and 1 cat who refused utterly so she is in the room with her open carrier with treats inside in hopes that it will desensitize her a bit.

Tomorrow they’ll all be in place for a longer chunk of day, so today is a shorter practice period for them.

Then a break through the weekend with windows installed upstairs on Monday and that, my friends, is the end of the work for summer 2021.

Matthew said...

Was lovely to spend a long anniversary weekend exploring beautiful NC mountain properties with you! :)

billie said...

It was wonderful! Thank you!