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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

a better day

Yesterday Salina didn't whinny for her breakfast tub. Keil Bay was singing an aria for his, and I noted out loud that I missed hearing Salina's response. About the time I said it, I came out of the feed room. She had come to her stall door, was craning her head way out and around so she could get her good eye on me, and she whinnied. That made me feel so much better!

Today she is back to whinnying for her meals and she was a bit brighter overall than yesterday. Although I'm not thrilled with the gnat population blooming with this warm weather, I'm glad it happened when it did because it seems to be good for Salina.

Cody went in with Salina this morning so the donkeys could take a break in the field. They took full advantage of their time and ran like mad up and down the front field while the pony grazed. Keil was annoyed that I let Cody over to the barnyard side of the barn - he refused to go out and kept hoping he would get his turn. Which he did, after lunch.

I groomed Keil Bay earlier today and cleaned up his sheepskin pad so that later in the afternoon I could go out and ride without getting too caught up in the preparation part.

He was a little bit difficult in between the warm-up and the more intensive riding part - daughter came in with Cody and Keil Bay was pulling toward them, not really listening. I gave him a fair warning and told him I was getting ready to get tough if he persisted. I had to get tough two times and then he woke up, really woke up, and was immediately responding to my thinking the aids. Very very nice ride with some powerhouse trotting. I don't like getting tough with Keil Bay (translated, that means I used the whip two times with more energy than simply tapping), and I try hard to listen if/when there is something wrong and he's telling me with his behavior. His immediate surge of energy and compliance tells me he was slugging and just not in high gear yet. Sometimes I do have to ask for that with enough energy that he takes the question seriously.

We rode right up to the sunset, which was beautiful, and he got his usual snack at the feed room door. A good day starts and ends with the muzzle of a horse in your hand, and I am lucky that most of mine start and end that way.


Matthew said...

Glad you and the Bay had a nice ride and got to see a beautiful sunset.

Grey Horse Matters said...

It sounds like Salina is starting to feel better. That's great!

Your ride seems like it worked out pretty well after you got after him a bit.

Máire said...

Don't you think that sometimes they don't want us to be nice, they want our strength and do enough to provoke it? Their response always answers the question they ask. Glad to read about Salina. An anxious time.

billie said...

Thanks, Matthew. It was really lovely.

billie said...

A, she does seem better and now it's visibly clear that we're dealing with an abscess. Right on the verge of blowing, if I'm any judge. :)

billie said...

Maire, I'm so glad you wrote this - it actually did feel exactly that way on this ride, and I'm glad I was confident enough in knowing Keil Bay to listen and not get sidetracked thinking something was wrong. His demeanor is totally different when there is something off/wrong/sore and when he just wants me to step up and be a stronger partner. We did ground work yesterday and he seemed to enjoy my asking for some fancier footwork!

Victoria Cummings said...

I so totally agree that a good day starts and ends with the muzzle of a horse in your hand. I also know that feeling of anxiety when you listen for the welcoming whinny and it's silent. I need to see those two red heads sticking out of the stalls every morning to breathe easy as I approach my barn. Hope Salina is continuing to feel better!

billie said...

She's doing better - abscess is draining now. Thanks so much for the good thoughts!